June Favorites

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It's hard to believe that this year is half over and I'm just a few months away from sitting for the IBCLC exam. I'm trying to study as much as I can, but having the kids home from school presents a challenge. I'm sure that the rest of the summer will fly by and we'll be getting ready for the kids to start school in the fall. Here are a few things I've been enjoying lately:

Tinted Dry Shampoo

As a raven-haired woman, traditional dry shampoos leave my roots gray if I don't give them the proper blending. As a 36 year old woman, I have enough gray in my hair! That's where Batiste Tinted Dry Shampoo comes in handy. They have special products formulated for blondes, redheads, and and two shades for brunettes. I prefer the "Divine Dark" blend for my hair and can go an extra day or three without washing. At under $10 a can, the price is very right, especially when compared with higher end salon brands.

Mirrored Sunnies

The mirrored sunglasses trend continues this summer! They're available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. I love cat eye shaped frames and loved this budget friendly pair when I saw it. The mirrored lenses put a modern twist on the classic shape. Because they're available on Amazon Prime, I got them really quickly. They even came with an extra set of nose pads. These rose mirrored sunglasses are definitely a fun break from my usual oversized wayfarers

Lightweight Leather Earrings

A friend turned me on to leather earrings when she bought me a gorgeous pair of feather earrings, which quickly became favorites. I loved the idea of statement earrings that didn't weigh down my ears! A little late night searching led me to Nickel & Suede and Jane & Cope earrings. Jane & Cope is more budget friendly than Nickel & Suede, but I love the thickness of the earrings I've gotten from N&S. PS, I'm wearing Jane & Cope turquoise earrings in the pic below.

Tinted dry shampoo, mirrored sunglasses, and lightweight leather earrings in full effect!

Tinted dry shampoo, mirrored sunglasses, and lightweight leather earrings in full effect!

Confessions of a Domestic Failure

I got this for my birthday earlier this week an haven't been able to put it down. Author Bunmi Laditan, of Honest Toddler and her eponymous Facebook page, is hilarious and relatable. While this work is technically fiction, I am fairly certain it's based on real life events. If you're looking for an easy summer read, this is the one for you. PS - yes, I know I should be studying for my exam instead of reading this.

Adult Skincare 

A few weeks ago, I went out to a Sephora after hours skincare event and tried several skincare products. I ended up walking out with Sunday Riley's Power Couple, containing their Luna Night Oil and Good Genes All in One Lactic Acid Treatment. I've been using both for the last 3 weeks and I'm pretty impressed. My dark spots have lightened and my skin tone seems more even. I don't wear face makeup (foundation, BB cream, etc) other than concealer under my eyes, so it's important for me to make sure I take care of my skin. I have seen a little bit of a difference with acne - I only have one flare up right now as opposed to the 2-3 I usually get at this point in my cycle.

I've also been paying a lot of attention to sun protection, especially for my face, neck, and chest. I tan very easily, so even SPF 50 doesn't protect me for very long. I've  had issues in the past with sunscreen causing breakouts and clogged pores. Luckily I've found a sunscreen that doesn't cause that! I've been using SuperGoop Broad Spectrum Mineral SPF 40 Sunscreen for the past few summers and I continue to be impressed by how easily it blends into my skin and the lack of skin issues I have after use. I've also been using Jack Black Lip Balm with SPF 25 (I'm partial to the Black Tea and Blackberry flavor). Can't forget my lips! Now that I have an actual skincare routine, am I a real card-carrying adult?


Let me know what you think of my picks in the comments and share what you've been loving lately.