September Favorites

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I've been studying my tail off for my International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) exam, which is happening on October 2nd. I usually share my favorites in posts on the last Friday of the month, but I've been so busy studying for my exam on Monday that I forgot about it. So we're going to do my Friday favorites on a day that's not Friday! Better late than never, right? 


Members only

I've been hinting at some fun new changes happening in October for the blog! The first major one is that I'm starting a Facebook group - my email subscribers found out about this weeks ago (psst, get on the list).  Lactivist in Louboutins - Modern Motherhood is a closed group for mothers. It is a judgement-free space to discuss matters pertaining to parenting issues, finding identity after having children, and celebrating the little triumphs. There will be weekly challenges, related to personal style, acts of kindness, self care, and more. While this group focuses on motherhood, it is open to all women regardless of uterine occupants, past or present. I also plan to host special live sessions within the group on a variety of topics.


Need more booties

I included booties in my favorite fall trends post, but guys, I have the fever! Despite living in Texas for over a decade, I do not own a pair of cowboy boots. Lately I've seen plenty of western-inspired booties that I need in my life. Many of these have a thick stacked "wood" heel. My post baby life doesn't usually include heels higher than an inch or two, especially since I'm usually chasing my sons around. I found a number of low heeled booties that I really liked, but these were my favorites. The cutouts along the side make them really trendy, but there's still a zipper in the back to help keep your feet in the shoe when walking. The best parts of these shoes: the price (under $35) and I had them two days after ordering. Thanks Amazon Prime! They're incredibly comfortable and perfect for keeping up with kiddos.


Lacquered up

Fall usually means I wear dark and moody colors everywhere: clothing, shoes, lipstick, nail polish, everything. This year isn't much different, but I'm trying something new with nail colors. I find myself drawn to metallic shades. My current favorites are from the essie Fall 2017 Nail Collection. The collection is inspired by the 1990s, which is when I was a teenager. My favorite color is called Dressed to the Nineties, it's a dark purple with blue-green shimmer. I'm also a fan of essie's For the Twill of It, an iridescent gray-green-gold. I'm pretty sure 16 year old me would be thrilled that 36 year old me is wearing these colors.


The Courage to Become

One of my favorite things about writing a blog has been meeting other women who share their truths online. One of these women is Catia Holm.  Not only has she shared her own experiences with love, infertility, and more, but she loves to promote other women with inspiring stories to tell. Catia has recently published a book of experiences - some are hers, some are the stories of other women, and all of them are true. The Courage to Become is inspiring. Catia's writing inspires you to honor yourself, to move through fear, to have faith, to be honest about who you are, and to find pride in your own vulnerability. If you are in need of inspiration and a reminder to know that you are plenty, check out this book!


Romping Around

I was recently nominated for an Austin Birth Award for this blog! I wanted to wear something special to the event - trendy, fun, and inexpensive. I ended up finding a really fun romper at Target! I've worn rompers in the past, but nothing like this. This romper had a deep V in the front and back, came with shorts, and also had a long overskirt. It is under $40 and available in plus size. I jumped on it and it arrived really quickly! While I didn't win the award, I felt incredible in this gorgeous garment. The dark floral pattern and statement sleeves are very on trend, and the overskirt flapped beautifully in the breeze at the Awards and when I walked. I paired it with the booties I shared above and felt like a million bucks! I got compliments all night. The best part is that it's breastfeeding friendly! While I'm no longer lactating, it would've made nursing in public a breeze while keeping me stylish.  


Let me know what you think of my picks in the comments and share what you've been loving lately.