Instagram Breastfeeding Photo Challenge

I shared this on my Facebook page a few years ago and have shared it every year since then. As I learn more about helping breastfeeding moms on the path to becoming an IBCLC, I realize that it's important to meet mothers where they are, While I believe that breastmilk is the optimal food for an infant, I have learned that breastfeeding does not look the same for everyone. 

I'm very excited to have put together an Instagram Photo Challenge in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month! The prompts for the two week challenge can be done by mothers who feed at the breast and ones who do not. This is a great and positive way to help normalize breastfeedingThere are also prizes for participants for each week (more about that below).

Show the world what breastfeeding looks like for you.


Use #LILBF16 for your photos - each photo is a chance to win a fabulous prize! There will be a prize given each week for one lucky participant - that's 7 chances to enter each week. Prizes include a $75 giveaway to PinkBlush and an Undercover Mama nursing tank of the winner's choice. Please note that your account must be public in order for me to see your photos. See full rules at the end of this post.

Need a little help?

Here's a brief explanation of each photo prompt. 

  1. BF Mom Crush Monday: Is there a breastfeeding or pumping mom that you look up to? Perhaps it's a relative or your best friend. Share a photo of her and tell us why she's the best.
  2. #BFingStyle: Share a photo of something you wear that makes you feel like a million bucks. Bonus points if you can breastfeed or pump in it!
  3. Breastfeeding or Pumping in Public: Share a photo of you breastfeeding or pumping in public. There is no wrong way to breastfeed in public - it's all about what's comfortable for mom and baby. Covered, uncovered, in a separate room, or in the middle of everything, we want to see how you do it!
  4. First Latch: In the spirit of throwback Thursday, share a photo of your first latch with your nursling.
  5. Funny Friday: Breastfeeding or pumping memes, milk drunk faces, whatever makes you smile. 
  6. Big Latch On: The global Big Latch On event is held on 8/5 and 8/6. Share a photo of you at a local event. If you attended an event on 8/5, we want to see it!
  7. Brelfie Sunday: Share a breastfeeding or pumping selfie. 
  8. Pump It Up: Do you pump for your nursling? Show us your pumping space, bottles of milk, or more!
  9. The Necessities: Share your must have, can't live without breastfeeding or pumping item - other than your breasts, of course!
  10. Words of Wisdom: Share some breastfeeding or pumping advice to give a new or struggling mom.
  11. Celeb Breastfeeding Pic: Share a celebrity breastfeeding or pumping pic that you love. 
  12. Support People: We want to see a pic of your breastfeeding or pumping support person. Tell us how they've helped you.
  13. Breastfeeding Art: Share your favorite piece of art that depicts breastfeeding.
  14. Favorite Breastfeeding or Pumping Pic: Pretty self explanatory. Posed or candid, professional or blurry phone shot, we want to see it!