Guest Post: Live Grow Play Austin

This week's guest post comes from Live Grow Play Austin, a new online family guide for parents and caregivers in and around Austin, Texas.

We Don’t Say Parenting Is Easy, But…


…It Just Got A Little Easier

Whether you’re a Mom or Dad, a Grandparent or caregiver, an Austin newcomer, an expecting, first-time, or been-there-done-that parent, we are bombarded daily with a whole lot of questions and are forced to make decisions we can only hope are the best for our kids.

Questions range from which playground to take the Grandkids to today, to where to get ideas for our little one’s birthday party, to what Mommy and Me classes are available, to where to send our kids to preschool, dance class or soccer practice, to how to find the right pediatrician or specialist?

Many of us devour parenting magazines, browse through countless websites, join numerous Facebook groups in the hope to find answers to those questions and to ease our decision process.

We, just a normal Mom and Dad of two pre-school aged girls living in the outskirts of Austin, were (and still are!) in the same boat. Over the last 9 months we’ve been picking our brains and spending our nights working on a one-stop resource for Austin families that provides parents and caregivers with the information and assistance they need to help their kids live, grow, and play. 

And voila, we’re excited to introduce Live Grow Play Austin:

  • Live Grow Play Austin Directory: Find health and childcare providers, schools, camps, arts, music, sports, and other things to do in the 512. Search by age, category, and location. 
  • Live Grow Play Austin Ratings and Reviews: Read or leave reviews for businesses listed in the directory and contribute to making Austin’s parents’ and caregivers’ lives a little easier. 
  • Live Grow Play Austin Community: Ask questions, provide answers, make new friends, get the scoop, buy and sell, or just join in on the conversations of Moms and Dads and caregivers just like you.
  • Live Grow Play Austin Events Calendar: Don’t miss out on Austin’s many events for the whole family and see what your fellow Austinites think about them.

Join us and many other fellow parents in making parenting in Austin a little easier.

Helping Local Businesses and Giving Back to the Community

We love supporting local businesses (after all, we’re one of them!). That’s why our services are effective and affordable for any size business, from the Mom and Pop Shop to big business.

We offer a Free Plan which includes a free business listing in our directory with the option to upgrade to our Basic Plan or our All Access Plan which allows for many additional cool features. Review and compare the benefits of our three plans here

Nonprofit organizations receive royal treatment at no charge. In addition, at the end of the year, we will donate 5% of our annual revenue to one of Austin’s children-oriented nonprofit organizations, since we firmly believe that every child deserves to live, grow, and play.


Live Grow Play Austin is a new online family guide for parents and caregivers in and around Austin, Texas. Live Grow Play Austin allows users to search, find, rate, and review anything from local health and childcare providers, to schools, to activities for their little ones. In their forums users have the opportunity to ask and answer questions, share experiences, or buy and sell their no longer needed kids items. Their events calendar lists fun events hosted by businesses in their business directory. Visit their website and follow their Facebook to stay in the know!