Guest Post: To the Mom Missing It All

Today's guest post comes from Jenny of Princess Turned Mom. Jenny writes a letter to the mom who feels like she's missing out.


“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are THE MOST important work.” -C.S.Lewis

It often feels like we as moms are missing out on just about everything. I see the mom who leaves the work out class early because their baby is crying uncontrollably. I see the mom who is in the back of the church missing the sermon trying to entertain the toddler who refused to go into the nursery. I see the mom looking disheveled, exhausted and patience running low at the grocery store. I see these moms because I am this mom.

Here entails a short letter of sorts to the mom missing it all, or who feels like she is missing it all.

To the mom who is missing out on the hip new songs on the radio (radio; do you even remember what that is?). To the mom missing the news, any kind of news; worldly, nationally, locally, or even next door. To the mom missing clean clothes, a clean house, a clean room, a clean anything. To the mom missing the biggest blockbuster movie release. To the mom missing the girls night out or the spa day with her bestie. To the mom missing putting on her best dress and stiletto’s for date night with her hubby. To the mom missing her younger looking skin, face, or body. To the mom missing sleeping in or just sleeping at all. To the mom missing hot meals, hot showers or even hot sex (yes, I said it). To the mom who feels like she is even missing her brain at times.

To that mom, here is the truth; the only thing we might be missing, that is actually important, is the little moments with our kids. If we let ourselves dwell on the things we think we are missing that are so great, then we are bound to miss the “I did it all by myself” dance. The “I conquered a milestone” gleam. The “look at me” twirl. The “I’m a big kid now” leap. The “did you see that?” strut. These are life’s most important snapshots that we can not re-create. There will always be a big movie release you can see, the house I’m sure will be clean someday, the stilettos can always be dusted off and all the other stuff will still be waiting for you when it is the time. I can guarantee you that the moments with your children are the ones you do not want to miss. This is what life is all about right now, so soak it all in, every second, because the days may be long, but the years are oh so short!!

(I included two of my favorite moments caught on video: when our son first said “mama” and when our daughter took her first steps. Click links below to view.)



Jenny is a retired princess navigating life as a wife and mom. Once upon a time she met her Prince Charming, fell madly in love, had two beautiful children and lived happily ever after (most of the time). Now she writes stories of motherhood; the good, the bad and the really funny over at Princess Turned Mom.


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