Guest Post: Form Over Function When Traveling With an Infant

Today's guest post comes from the lovely Mal Holcomb-Botts, mama to Reef. She shares her tips on traveling with an infant and mom style on what to wear while traveling.

Aloha! And welcome to Mal's form over function guide to dressing for travel with an infant. Please join me as I pinpoint areas where practicality is generally recommended for this journey, and also places where we sort of chuckle in the face of common sense. So, a few weeks ago my baby boy Reef (2 months old at the time) and I took our first trip together to the mainland. Well actually our first trip together... anywhere. Living on an island in the pacific really limits us in the trip department…

 And since it was Reef’s first time on an airplane (actually it was more like his 30th time on an airplane, but it was his first trip "on the outside";) I thought it warranted a special outfit (ok let's face it, when it comes to Reef anything from Easter to the 6th Tuesday of his life warrants a special outfit, but this one really was a big deal!)

So for this fantastic occasion I decided to be incredibly practical regarding a few things for the trip and here they are:

  1. The Baby Carrier: I had to suck it up and get rid of the one that was gifted to me for *FREE* and go and purchase a new one because while the gifted one was wonderful and got the job done when he was a bit smaller... my child (fruit of my husband’s loins, who is measuring the size of a 4 month old at the ripe old age of 2 months) is a little bit too big and it made my back feel like it was on fire. SO I purchased a new one that I am IN LOVE WITH... (The one we purchased was the Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in- 1 Carrier but more on that at another time..)
  2. The Diaper Bag: Now I LOVE my diaper bag. My girlfriend/wifey/female love of my life bought me my diaper bag on one lovely sunny afternoon spent up on the north shore. It is large, it has a cooler section inside it, it has an adorable print and PER MY REQUEST has almost no pockets... which is exactly how I like it for my day to day rummaging around for what I need by feel. It is not only my style but my preference.
    However, when traveling, alone, for the first time with an infant... alone... this is probably not the best plan of action. SO I got a backpack,  like a tactical/sport/hiking/rescue mission backpack with 87 pockets, waterproof lining, straps and clips and hooks and doodads and basically everything I need to be so beyond efficiently organized that I was beginning to question who I am...  (I can't even find the one I got it's so good! but here is one similar... )
  3. The Suitcases: There were two. Just two. And inside the just two, there was a myriad of items from a portable basinet to my electric breast pump and everything in between. This for me is one heck of a feat considering I usually have approximately two suitcases and a carry on suitcase... for myself only. Please hold while I actually physically pat myself on the back.
  4. The Seat Selection: Now I am a window girl through and through. With the exception of being a particularly round 6-month pregnant woman, I generally like to slap my pillow against the window curl up my legs and sleep, soundly (drunkly) for the duration of my travels. Not this time... it was aisle seats for us. I was under no illusions that this was going to be the type of trip where we do not get up. I knew we would be up and down no less than 37 times on this flight and I wanted to be able to do so with the most ease possible and the least amount of likelihood that the person next to me would shank me with their spork by the end of the trip.

This brings us back to our traveling attire. Now. It. Was. Not. Practical. In fact it is what I like to refer to as completely form over function (which is one of the main aspects of life that my husband and I can't seem to come to terms on... in case you couldn't guess... he is function, function, function and I am form, because... well, pretty!

And here it is!


Now it was definitely a little matchy, matchy... because it is ADORABLE. (Please God don't let him grow up to hate me for this!)

Let's start with my outfit

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And now let's move onto the little man's outfit

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OK SERIOUSLY LOOK AT HIM, HE IS PERFECT!! :) As I know all of your babies are!!

Well that's our "guide" on how to dress impractically for a 10 hour flight with an infant... all in all we survived, and if you happen to take heed of our advice.. we hope you do too ;)



Mal Holcomb-Botts lives with her husband and baby boy on the island of Oahu in Hawaii where they have to deal with things like crystal clear ocean water and picture perfect sunsets. She is a wife, mother, sporadic blogger, self proclaimed comedian and event designer. Please join her on as she shares a bit of truth and a little humor on marriage, motherhood and the corporate world as seen through her eyes. Basically it is just her life, one wild and precious day at a time.