The Six Statutes of a Solo Target Trip

Target: a mecca of adorable home goods, shoes, and clothing. Oh and you can get bread and diapers there as well. Moms across the board seem to love it. Many women refer to it as a "mommy vacation," which makes me laugh every time I hear it, only because it's so true. I don't get to go there alone very often, but when I do, I try to make the most of my trip. 


Here are my rules of a solo trip to Target:

You shall plan ahead 

Take a few minutes in the car, while waiting in line at the Starbucks, or even earlier day to check out this week's sales flyer and Cartwheel app. Saving coupons for items you may end up with will help ease the guilt of spending $300 in a trip... at least that's what I tell myself. Dish soap, children's socks, tampons, storage containers, mascara, and a dog bed, or whatever you think you'll "need" by the end of your shopping trip.

You shall go to Starbucks first

It doesn't get much more convenient than the stores with Starbucks inside of them. It's my first stop when I'm able to go to Target alone. Fine, it's usually my first stop when I'm with the kids, too. I hate having to re-route my trip around the store because I forgot Starbucks.

You shall not give mothers of crying children the stink eye

That crying child? For once it's not my kid, but only because I came alone. If I see the frazzled mother of the child hauling ass to get to the registers, I will offer her a kind smile and move out of her way. I've been there, mama. Save the side eye for the guy who stole your parking spot.

You shall see all the things you want to see.

Want to look at sandals for yourself? Little boys t-shirts? Baby onesies? Pajama pants for your partner? The seasonal home decor items? See. It. All

You shall converse with the cashier if they are chatty

Perhaps it's years of working in retail, but I get annoyed when customers don't speak to the employee at the register. Ask them about their day or comment about the weather. And for goodness sake, put down your phone after you've pulled up mobile coupons and Cartwheel. They are people, too.

You shall not forget the toothpaste

I'm guilty of breaking this one occasionally. I've walked out of the store without whatever it was I went in there for in the first place. Write it on your hand, put a sticky note in your wallet, or get it right after you get your Starbucks. 


What are your rules when going to Target alone?