Spring Lust List

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Winter is over! Here in Texas it's time to put away the knits and scarves (confession: we never really had to take them out), and think about warmer weather, rain, and the brutally hot summer ahead. I'm not quite ready to give up my dark colors and interesting textures in favor of cotton and pastels. Here are a few things I want this spring that help make the transition from winter a bit smoother.

Spring Lust List

Peekaboo bras

Off late I find myself playing peekaboo with a my bra in certain settings. When I'm out on a date with Hubs or feeling beautiful when out with my girlfriends, I don't always fix my top if a little bit of my bra slips out. This applies to my nursing bra as well. Usually it's the shoulder strap, but sometimes it will be a touch of lace or the strap of a cage bra. It's not for everyone, but I like it.  Carrie Bradshaw might've been on to something

Matte lipstick

I've been wearing matte lips a lot. Not being glossy allows me to wear colors I normally wouldn't wear, both dark and bright. My favorites are NYX Matte Lip Creams. They're less than $10 a tube and I'm impressed by their coverage. Some of them even have great staying power. They're available at most big box retailers in the US and online.

Cold Shoulder Tops

You've likely been seeing these everywhere along with their sister the off-the-shoulder top. I prefer these tops to off the shoulder because I don't do strapless bras. I'm looking forward to trying one out soon.

Spring Sandals

It's time for feet to come out of hiding! There are several styles that are interesting to me this spring: wooden heels, espadrilles, and fringed sandals. I may have gotten a pair or three already...


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