Friday Favorites

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It's that time again! I can't believe I haven't written a Friday Favorites post in a month. And what a month it has been! I had surgery, ate my face off at Thanksgiving, celebrated my oldest turning 6, and am getting ready for Christmas and New Year's Eve! Here are a few things I've been really liking the past few weeks.


1. PicsArt Tree of Life photos

You must've seen some of these beautiful photos on your feed. Moms adding beautiful images of trees to their breastfeeding photos. While the trend started with nursing moms and brelfies, it morphed to moms who use bottles, supplemental nursing systems, and even moms and their coffee and wine! It's truly a celebration of love regardless of what is used to feed baby. Yes, even the coffee and wine are celebrations of love, just ask any mom how happy she gets when she sees one of those two things! Not sure how to turn your photo into a #TreeOfLife pic? You can read the instructions I shared here.

My own #TreeOfLife pic, breastfeeding my toddler when he was 2 months old

My own #TreeOfLife pic, breastfeeding my toddler when he was 2 months old


2. Ear Crawlers

I've written and posted about these in the past, but I really love them for everyday wear. I've gotten some from BaubleBar, including these Double Dipper Ear Crawlers, but Forever21 has tons of affordable pairs as well. I really love these Triangle Rhinestone Ear Pins for everyday and these Rhinestone Ear Cuffs for a little more sparkle and drama. They've become my go-to earrings, whether I'm heading out to see moms and babies, or just running errands with the kiddos.


3. Jewel Toned Eyeshadow

It all started when I saw Hailee Steinfeld on Jimmy Fallon last week. She had this amazing blue eyeshadow on. Yes, you read that right. Blue - not baby blue, but a deep royal blue. It looked amazing with her brown eyes. I loved it so much that I paused the TV, snapped a couple of pics, and shared it to my Instagram Story (the future is now, people). I went on to Pinterest and pinned blue eyeshadow looks. I have a deep blue eyeshadow at home, just need to find the right YouTube tutorial and time to try it. On a related note, how gorgeous are the colors in this Urban Decay Afterdark Eyeshadow palette? Fringed and Paralyzed in particular are giving me all the heart eyes!

The pics I snapped of Hailee Steinfeld on Jimmy Fallon, as mentioned above.

The pics I snapped of Hailee Steinfeld on Jimmy Fallon, as mentioned above.


4. Instagram Stories

I was a hesitant Snapchat user, it was mostly just pics and vids of my kids with the puppy filter on it. I've been a pretty heavy Instagram user and when the Stories feature rolled out, I was all over it since it's on a social media network I already use. Instagram recently released a Live feature, which allows users to stream video to followers, but it doesn't save the video! Pretty cool! I tried it once and enjoyed it. I would love to use it again, but I'm not sure what I'd speak about. Maybe a Q&A segment? Let me know what you'd like to see in the comments.

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5. Supermarket Flowers

When I was on bed rest while pregnant with my youngest, my husband would bring home a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store each week or two. It was a very sweet and welcome gesture during my high risk pregnancy. I was literally missing all the spring flowers outside of my home because I had to lay down all the time. The tradition continued after my son was born and he still brings me flowers every few weeks. I was recently able to go with him and scoped out the floral section while he waited in line. To my surprise, I found peonies! I grabbed a three-stem bunch and was pleased at my find. From what I know (and this may be wrong), peonies are out of season this time of year - they're typically a spring flower. I didn't expect to have these gorgeous blooms out with my Christmas tree in the background. I found them again at the same grocery store this week and got another three-stem bunch. 

A fun and unexpected combo: spring blooms and Christmas decorations

A fun and unexpected combo: spring blooms and Christmas decorations

Let me know what you think of my picks in the comments and share what you've been loving lately.


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