My 2016 Style Resolutions

Every year I come up with resolutions to make for myself. Every year they include things like eating better, working out more consistently, and being a more present parent and wife. I'm still planning on doing all of that, but want to really focus on improving my personal style. Last year helped me get more adventurous and I learned a few things along the way. 

Cher knows the struggle

Cher knows the struggle

  1. Clean out my closet. Thoroughly cleaning out my closet will help me focus on what works for me. It will also help me wear more of what I have. Instead of being overwhelmed at the amount of clothes I see and retreating to my jeans and a t-shirt uniform, I will spot something "new" and wear that.
  2. Don't try every trend. There are some trends I just can't get on board with, and that's okay. This year I'll pass on things that don't work with my (mom and intern) lifestyle. Not everyone can pull of cropped culottes. For those who do, go on with your bad self. I'll wait here for something that's more me.
  3. Don't pass on every trend. Take a second look at things you'd normally say no to. This year I will try to step out of my style comfort zone and try something I swore wouldn't look good on me. I'll be sure to try it in a fitting room at the store so I don't have to purchase something I don't like.

  4. Mix more patterns. On this year's pattern mixing list: florals, stripes, leopard print, and houndstooth. This would mean that I would have to wear more patterns. 
  5. Think long term style. Rather than spending a lot of money on "fast fashion," I'd rather invest in a classic piece that is well made and will stand the test of time in both quality and style.

What are your 2016 style resolutions?