I'm switching gears with the focus of this blog! You'll be seeing more breastfeeding style content, including reader requests. While there will be fewer posts about breastfeeding and motherhood, they will not be totally gone. There are so many mommy blogs out there, I feel like I'm just adding to the noise. Their voices are already echoing my sentiment. I'm not saying anything new or revolutionary. The several hundred posts that I've written over the years will still be up.


It doesn't sound very important or of substance, but ask any new mom how hard it is to feel like herself after having a baby, especially if she's breastfeeding. Your body is not your own and you certainly do not have time to focus on yourself. A little self care can do wonders for a mother's soul, and for some of us that means hair, makeup, and clothes.
My plan is to continue focusing on clothing that isn't necessarily made for breastfeeding, but are nursing friendly. Clothes will still be budget friendly and I will include plus sized items as well. I want moms to be able to wear what I post even after they're done nursing. 

A huge thank you to my talented and patient designer Hunter Niland Mills. She's incredibly talented and provides coaching and home clarity solutions in addition to branding and website design. I can't recommend her enough! 

Stay tuned friends, great stuff is on the way!