JORD Watch Review and Giveaway

I'm a huge fan of accessories. I use them to take pretty simple outfits (like my standard mom uniform of skinny jeans and a t-shirt) to a different level. As a mother and student, I need accessories that are functional and look good, too. When I saw pics of JORD wood watches, I knew I wanted one. These unique watches are beautiful, but help me keep on schedule. Trying to time school pick up with obtaining clinical hours can be really tough some days. At least I look good doing it right?

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches, but as always, the opinions and photos are my own.

I chose the Fieldcrest Series Dark Sandalwood Watch because it was a beautiful deep brown color, which is perfect for fall. It's neutral enough to go with anything I wear, but really stands out on its own. It arrived in this beautiful handcrafted box on its own little display pillow.

I typically wear the watch with in a business casual setting, but it works beautifully with just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I most often wear it to complete clinical hours. It helps me keep track of how long appointments were, how long a mom and baby fed, and whether I need to have the babysitter pick my son up from school. You know, just living that lactation intern life! The dark color of the Fieldcrest Series Dark Sandalwood Watch works so well with my wardrobe. Since the watches are sized, I ordered my watch a little loose, so I could wear it farther back on my wrist when holding a baby. Don't worry, they have a foolproof sizing guide to help you.


Now comes the fun part!

JORD Wood Watches is holding a contest where the lucky winner wins a $75 e-gift code to their online shop. You can pick any item you like! All other entrants will receive a $20 code just for entering!

Visit this link to enter

Contest ends on 10/30/2016, no purchase necessary to enter.

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How to Transition Your Summer Dress to Fall

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It's hard to believe that summer is almost over! We will soon be dealing with cooler temps (yay!!), Halloween, and pumpkin spice everything. Stripes are very popular during the summer - classic, fresh, and always on trend. The great thing about stripes is that they can be worn all year round. Here are some suggestions on how to transition a striped dress to fall. 

Add a layer

Adding a layer is my favorite way to bring a piece from a warmer season into a cooler one. A jacket, cardigan, or sweater can help deal with cool mornings. They're easy enough to remove if the day heats up. Not cool enough for those yet? Slip on a denim jacket, sweater vest, or chambray shirt for a lighter fall feel. You may opt to add a layer on the bottom as well. Tights, leggings, and even tall boots can make a dress feel less summery. 

Update Your Accessories

Whether you get an of-the-moment bag or try a funky new style of shoes, changing one basic element of your outfit can make a huge difference. Not into a whole new style? Try a new color. Swap out corals and turquoise for burgundy and hunter green. While leopard can be worn all year round, I notice an increase in leopard print pieces during fall and winter. It's a neutral, so it can be worn with just about anything. At least that's what I tell myself! Scarves are a great way to add some color or texture. Since some breastfeeding mothers prefer to cover while nursing, a lightweight scarf can double up as a nursing cover.

Need an Example?

While I used the Milk Nursingwear nursing dress from this post, these suggestions can be used for any striped dress out there! The look on the left is more casual and perfect for weekend errands. I love the functionality of a military jacket and the metallic Converse. Lots of pockets to store toys and sneakers to chase a runaway toddler. The sporty tote bag is large enough for diapers without looking like a traditional diaper bag. Matte oxblood lips are very on trend and add a moody twist. This is my favorite look of the two and definitely something I would wear!

The look on the right is more feminine and a dressier. The jewel-toned cardigan and pastel shoes liven up the olive striped dress. I adore those mint brogues - a very fun take on a traditionally masculine shoe. Mauve lips and a classic tote finish off the look. Links to shop are at the end of this post.

Summer to Fall: Striped Dress

The dress above is from Milk Nursingwear. While the olive color is pictured above, it's available in a number of additional colors including blue, pink, and black. It's also available in a maxi dress and tank dress.


Shoppable links below

This post is part of the  Mom Life Mondays Blog Link-Up Party

This post is part of the Mom Life Mondays Blog Link-Up Party


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Simply Chic: Simply Rustic Co. Diffuser Necklace

Products featured in this post were provided to me at a discount. All opinions are my own. Please visit my disclosure page for more information. 

I think it's safe to say that I'm all about accessories. Most of my clothing is casual and dark or neutral, and I rely heavily on jewelry to really make a look my own. When I had the opportunity to work with Brit of Simply Rustic Co., I jumped on it. I had been following her on Instagram for a while and really love her minimalist, chic, and feminine pieces. 

Simply Rustic Co. recently launched a collection of diffuser jewelry that is really unique. Using natural raw lava beads in addition to materials like glass beads, druzy beads, and sterling silver and bronze chains, Brit created a line that looks so different from any essential oil jewelry I've seen before. The diffusers are sleek and unexpected, and not at all clunky.

My favorite, the Etta Diffuser Necklace, mixes lava beads and glass beads. It's simple enough to pair with jeans and a t-shirt, but sophisticated enough to pair with a dress for an easy and put together look. I like to put a few drops of my favorite essential oil blend on it before heading out the door. It's usually lavender if I'm going out with the kids to help me stay calm. 

Brit invited me to style a piece of Simply Rustic Co.'s jewelry. Since I'm rarely in front of the camera, I was a little nervous with nailing the looks, but my photographer/Instagram husband had me laughing the entire time. I paired the beautiful piece of jewelry with a bright maxi skirt and fitted tank top. It can be fancy enough for date night or casual to meet friends for brunch. 



Be sure to visit Simply Rustic Co.'s website, Facebook, and Instagram for more handmade, boho inspired jewelry.


Disclosure: the Etta Diffuser Necklace was provided to me at a discount in exchange for a blog post styling the jewelry. All opinions are my own. 


Breastfeeding Friendly Rompers

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Last summer, I bought a jumpsuit on a whim. The price was right and I had never worn one before. I fell in love with how simple but sophisticated it looked. Its wrap-styled top made it easy to put on and to breastfeed! This year I'm trying their summery cousin, the romper. I tried one on last year but it was not a good look. Thankfully I'm having more luck this year.

I bought this utility romper in black (of course) and really dig it. My toddler doesn't nurse in public very often, but it's nice knowing I can tame a tantrum if I have to! I found over a dozen breastfeeding friendly rompers for you, including a couple of plus sized options. Scroll to for links to shop. 


Breastfeeding Friendly Rompers

Is a breastfeeding friendly romper a do or a don't? Let me know in the comments.


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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

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We're about 8 days away from Mother's Day. If you're a last minute shopper in need of some ideas for the mama(s) in your life, here are a few things I would love to get next Sunday. They run the gamut from a notebook to write down funny things the kids say to movie star sunglasses to a desk placard. Hint hint, babe. Shoppable links are at the bottom of this page.


Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

Shop the gift guide below

How to Find Your Mom Style

Life after a new baby is tough yet transformative - everything changes, including what you wear. When you're dealing with a new body you may not recognize postpartum, recovery from birth, and giving a tiny human unlimited access to your breasts, you'll understand why so many moms end up wearing yoga pants all the time. Trying to find the time, energy, and motivation to get dressed can be tough, as can facing a closet full of clothes that may not fit you. I hear you, mama. A question I see often is, "how do I find my style after having a baby?" Moms can still find that stylish piece of themselves in their new role with a few simple steps. Note: If you're not ready to figure it out just yet, bookmark this post for a future date when you'll be ready.

Figure Out What You Like 

Pinterest is a great source for style ideas. There are thousands of photos of outfits, clothing, accessories, makeup, and more. Pin or save what appeals to you, including colors, textures, and individual pieces. You may start to see similarities or a pattern emerge. Most of my saved style pins are casual and have a slight rock and roll edge to them: skinny jeans, leather jackets, lots of black, stripes, and metal jewelry. If you regularly read a blog, follow them on different social media platforms. For instance, I participate in monthly style challenges on my Instagram, but do not often share them on my Facebook.

Figure Out What You Must Have

Is it comfort priority one? Do your clothes need to be breastfeeding or pumping friendly? Does your office have a dress code? Figuring out what you absolutely must have in your clothes is a great first step. This will help you keep focus as you start to figure out what you like. Sometimes figuring out what you need can help you come up with things that you absolutely do not want. 

Purge Your Closet

Pull out the clothes that no longer appeal to you. You can even KonMari down to a few basic pieces if you like. This is a tough one for me. I never know when I'm going to magically fit into pre-baby jeans or will need a silk and lace camisole for a night out. I recently got rid of a lot of clothing: outdated business casual pieces from time spent in Cubeville, the pre-baby jeans (no more low rise for me), and shoes that had seen better days. The items in good condition were donated. I kept the silk and lace camisole.

Not only will removing old clothes help with clutter, but it will also let you see what you have that works with those outfits you saved. Removing clothing and items from your past helps you honor where you are now. I am no longer going to a 9-5 office job, nor am I the same woman I was before having children. 

Put Your Looks Together

By seeing what you already have and what you like, you should be able to create an outfit. This will help you figure out any missing pieces. Use what's in your closet to put together a daily uniform. You'll also be able to see if your vision comes to fruition in real life. This will help you come up with a manageable game plan on.

You may find that some styles or trends just don't work for your lifestyle. What looks great in a picture may not be as wonderful in person. For instance, if you have older babies, dangly earrings may not be the right option for you. If you type a lot at work, bracelets or rings may be uncomfortable after long periods of time. Since I may get spit up on in my line of work, I tend to stick with knits or blends that I can launder at home. There aren't many "dry clean only" clothes residing in my closet. 

Fill in the Blanks

If you find your new mom uniform is lacking a key element, it may be time to do a little shopping. Adding pieces to put it all together doesn't have to break the bank; resale sites, consignment shops, and clothing swaps can keep a budget in check. Come up with a list of your top 3 items and a budget. Enlist the help of a trusted friend and go! If getting out of the house is a challenge, there's always online shopping. I am an avid online shopper because my free time is usually late at night after the kids are asleep and the shops are closed. If it's overwhelming, remember that you don't have to get everything at once.

Take it slow

Put as much or as little time into this as you want. Remember that you may not look like Jessica Alba on your first attempt and that it's okay. We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Fashion and style should be fun, not a stressful chore. If it doesn't make you feel good, stop and revisit it when you're ready. You may end up checking out several different trends before you find one that works for you. Just as figuring out your new role as mother doesn't happen overnight, finding a style that's perfect for you also takes some time.

My mom style took some time to develop. I thought I had great style when I worked full time, but seemed to lose it all when I became a stay at home mom. Now I'm able to pull on my mom uniform (skinny jeans, a t-shirt, and slip on flats) and add accessories based on my day and my mood. I tend to incorporate a similar formula with more formal outfits as well. 

My mom uniform in action after a Star Wars themed birthday party

My mom uniform in action after a Star Wars themed birthday party

Did I miss anything? Leave me a comment with your favorite style tip!


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November Lust List

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Ahh November. The air gets cooler, the thoughts turn to holidays and the end of the year. My lust list is pretty short, but the clothing makes an impact and the accessories are bold. Who says neutrals have to be boring? Click the image to shop. 

A few notes:

  • In case chartreuse isn't your first choice, the shirt is available in black, white, and a beautiful vermillion color. It's a button down blouse which makes it breastfeeding friendly.
  • The lipstick color is a beautiful vampy dark berry shade
  • I'm obsessed with these lace up flats. I feel like they'll be wearable in the spring as well
  • My normal nail polish choices in the winter are dark colors. This gold is so beautiful and different
  • The leather skirt pictured is plus sized, there's a similar one here 
  • Colder weather means replacing fall's cargo vest with faux fur

What's on your November lust list? 

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Pattern Mixing 101

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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I've been mixing prints. While I'm still taking it slow, I'm starting to mix stripes and leopard print, plaid and stripes, and plaid and leopard print. It may not seem like much, but it's huge for a woman who has been intimidated by the idea for a long time.

A few tips to get started:

  • find prints that have a common color (black is a good one) and pair them together. 
  • sometimes it's easy to put something in between the two prints. Try a plaid shirt with jeans and leopard print flats. Adding a solid (no pattern) bottom piece can help to break up the visual stimulation. 
  • start small: accessories like belts, shoes, and bags are a great way to dip your toes into the patterned water
Plaid and leopard print on repeat. Didn't realize how often I wore this combination until I started looking for pics...

Plaid and leopard print on repeat. Didn't realize how often I wore this combination until I started looking for pics...

Ready to try for yourself? I paired a patterned open cardigan with a dark striped top. Neutral colored but interesting shoes and bag will help anchor a more eclectic color combination. Click image below to shop. 

Do you have any tips or tricks for mixing patterns? 

Fall Family Photos

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It's almost that time again - family photos. Every year I'm put in charge of figuring out what the four of us wear, something different but matching. Most years I end up finding things for the boys and my husband, and scramble to make myself match them. This year I have a pretty rough idea of what I plan to wear and what I'll put my family in. 

If I decide to wear the chambray dress on the left, I'll put two people in coordinating plaid (most likely blues and greens) and someone else will wear a solid colored sweater. If I wear the plaid dress on the left, they'll wear sweaters or shirts in navy blue or red, and maybe a quilted vest. Whatever I wear, my look will be topped off with a statement necklace and simple earrings. Because these are both shirt dresses, they're breastfeeding friendly. If your nursling decides that a quick snack is needed during photos, you'll be able to breastfeed with ease. 

How do you plan your outfits for your family photos?

My Mom Uniform: Plaid About You

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While plaid seems popular every fall, it is having a major moment this year. I've got several plaid flannel shirts I plan to wear once it gets colder, but I really like plaid tunics. The longer length makes it easy to pair with skinny jeans or leggings, and give you the option of belting at your waist for a more defined silhouette or if you want to show off a baby bump. You can even throw it on over yoga pants and a nursing tank if you've been home all day and need to pick up your kid from school (I will be doing that at least once a week). In short, it's a versatile item to own and easy to add to your wardrobe. As always, click the image below for links to hso

I paired the tunic above with a pair of faux leather leggings and a  bad ass pair of moto booties. The structured bag and sparkly necklace give it a more lady-like look. Swap out the faux leather leggings for a pair of skinny jeans or regular leggings (or yoga pants). The booties can be traded for ballet flats, riding boots, or even your well worn Chuck Taylors. Add your favorite nursing bra or tank and you've got a great fall outfit that you can breastfeed in. I'm fairly certain that this will be my fall mom uniform. If you follow me on Instagram, except to see many iterations of the photo above.

In need of a little breastfeeding friendly sartorial guidance? Let me know if I can help and you may see your dress in an upcoming post! Send me a Facebook message or email (see About page for email address).

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My Mom Uniform: The Jumpsuit

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A few weeks ago, I shared a pic of a breastfeeding friendly jumpsuit on Instagram while "window shopping" one morning. Despite my romper disaster from earlier this year (thank goodness for great  return policies), I was intrigued by the cut and decided to take a chance. It comes in three colors, is available in petite and tall, and goes up to size XXL. It is versatile enough to dress up or down and the price was right. This is one risk I'm glad I took.

There's a tiny button up at the top of the jumpsuit which I can undo in order to breastfeed. Here's the answer to the question on your mind: it's not too bad when going to the bathroom, but make sure you haven't been holding it for a long time. I paired it with some old shoulder grazer earrings in my jewelry box and a pair of sparkle pointed toe smoking slippers (many sizes are sold out). While I dressed this jumpsuit up, it would be easy to dress it down with flat sandals, booties, or a pair of loafers.

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Reader Request: Baptism #bfingstyle

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Reader Jenny reached out to me on Instagram asking for some help in finding a breastfeeding friendly dress for her daughter's upcoming baptism. Her requirements were something that wouldn't make her look frumpy, but still allow her to breastfeed on demand. She preferred a dress in a neutral color that would let her feel pretty and elegant for her daughter and family's special day. 

Jenny, I know exactly where you're coming from. We all need a break from spit up covered yoga pants. If dressing up for such a wonderful occasion makes you feel more like yourself, go for it!

I found Jenny several breastfeeding friendly dresses, but this one from Old Navy was my favorite. It has a subtle pattern to it that wouldn't be overpowering. While it is sheer, it has buttons to the waist and a built in slip which can be moved for nursing. I added sea foam green accessories, including a scarf if covered nursing is preferred. The taupe and black tote is large enough for baby accessories and looks luxe, but is under $50. The lace up flats are a fun alternative to regular ballet flats.

Jenny, I hope you feel beautiful at your daughter's baptism! Please share pics and tag them with #bfingstyle.

In need of a little breastfeeding friendly sartorial guidance? Let me know if I can help and you may see your dress in an upcoming post! Send me a Facebook message or email (see About page for email address).

My Fall Lust List

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It's September and it will officially be fall in just a few weeks. Here are a few items that are on my lust list. They may not be practical for my lifestyle, but I want them anyway. Chances are that I will only add one or two of these items to my closet.

There are definitely a couple of unexpected items on here, the most obvious being faux leather leggings. I know, what on earth is a 34 year old, size 16, mother of 2 doing wanting a pair of faux leather pants? While I immediately think of Ross on Friends when I think of leather pants, I realized that these aren't quite as out there as they appear. They're not too different from a pair of black coated skinny jeans. Besides, if I can't wear faux leather pants now, when can I wear them? Carpe diem, right?

Another surprising choice are the flared jeans. I love my skinnies, so I won't be burning them in favor of wider legged jeans. I own several pairs of bootcut jeans, but no flares. It'd be nice to have some fun with this 1970s inspired trend: a graphic t-shirt for a casual look or a chunky sweater for cooler days. I prefer dark washes to lighter ones. The cape in the top row is definitely out of my norm. I typically prefer structured pieces, but I couldn't stop oohing and ahhing over the moto style of this cape. It seems less whimsical and a little bit more bad ass.

You may notice that this list is strangely devoid of shoes other than the booties pictured. That's because I've already snagged a pair of leopard print booties, sparkly smoking slippers, and t-strap Valentino Rock Stud inspired flats. My fall shoe game is strong.

What's on your fall lust list?

My Fall Lust List 2015


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My Mom Uniform: Mad About Plaid

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I purchased this dress when my sister was here visiting and it met my basic criteria:

- is it cute?
- will it suit my body type?
- is it in my budget?
- can I breastfeed in it?

While it's too warm to wear it right now, I am still dreaming of crisper weather and fall. I plan to pair it with black tights and booties for a monochromatic look, or my favorite pair of riding boots. Berry lips and bag, and delicate but fierce jewelry finish off the look. Skip the necklace if your nursing enjoys pulling on anything around your neck!

As always, click the image below to shop. This plus sized dress is a bargain at $17! Similar standard sized dresses can be found herehere, or here (in navy/cream).

Mad About Plaid